Self Care: 6 Tools to Keep on Hand

The Stick

A self-massage stick is typically 14 to 27 inches long, has handles on both ends and rollers between the handles. The easily portable stick is used by athletes as a quick and easy way to massage the legs. Prices typically range from $25 to $50.

Trigger Point Therapy Kits

This company has been making therapy tools for years. The small dumbbell-type rollers are great for Achilles tendon and calf issues, as well as other uses. The rollers and trigger point balls are small enough to take during travel. Additionally, they make a "cold roller" that can be put in the freezer, and then used for a cold compression rolling process. You can purchase individual therapy tools or kits. A starter kit run with three tools is $69.99 and the Total Body Kit is $179.99.

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Ice Therapy

Some athletes use ice therapy in addition to massage, particularly on trouble areas. The cold roller made by Trigger Point is an active use of ice therapy. More traditional ice therapies are simple ice packs. Several companies make ice packs designed to fit specific parts of the body such as the shoulder, knee or ankle. Products from some companies can run below $20 and others are between $25 and $35.

Add to your arsenal of self-care tools and help keep yourself injury free all season long.

Special thanks to Barb Schultz for her suggestions.

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