How to Pass With Authority

Have you experienced a drafting leech or a yo-yo rider during an Olympic-distance triathlon? The drafting leech is the person that grabs your wheel as you pass them lingers there. This person may be drafting intentionally or unintentionally. Either way it's annoying.

The yo-yo rider doesn't let you pass. You are clearly stronger than they are, because you've come up from behind. As you are attempting to make your pass, they speed up. Eventually they slow a bit, but then speed up again, preventing you from making a clean pass.

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Another yo-yo tactic is allowing you to pass, and then charging past you for what seems like a definitive pass. Once the yo-yo person has gone past and you have dropped out of the draft zone, they slow the pace. You are forced to yo-yo back and forth with this person for miles.

Arrrgh! Frustrating!

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Drafting Rule

All triathletes know, or should know, that during the cycling leg of the event there needs to be at least three bike lengths between cyclists. If you are riding strong and move into that three-length zone of another rider, you have 15 seconds to pass that person. Once you have overtaken the other rider, they must immediately exit your draft zone (i.e. they must drop back three bike lengths) before attempting to pass you again.

A violation of the drafting rule described in the last paragraph is one of the most common rule violations at USA Triathlon sanctioned races. If the offending rider is charged with a drafting violation at an Olympic-distance event, the penalty is two minutes for the first offense, four minutes for the second offense and a third offense results in disqualification.

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The Solution

You need a workout that helps you pass the competition with authority. On the next page is a workout designed for that purpose.

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