2 Swim Sets for Speed

Swim Set #2


  • 400m swim, 200m kick, 200m swim
  • Repeat the next round once or twice. Recover 10 to 15 seconds between swims.
  • 4 x 25m
    • #1 – 12.5m easy, 12.5m fast
    • #2 – 12.5m fast, 12.5m easy
    • #3 – 25m easy
    • #4 – 25m fast

Main Set

Before beginning the main set, select a swim interval that is your current steady 200 pace time, plus 20 seconds. Notice that the swims are longer than in the first workout and the rest is shorter.

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Your "fast" won't be quite as fast for this workout as it was for the first one. That's okay. Just be sure there is a noticeable difference in speed. For example, if current steady pace is 3:20 per 200m, swim interval is 3:40. That means leaving the wall every 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Actual rest time will vary depending on the swim speed of each 200m.

  • 7 x 200
    • #1 – Swim 50m fast, 150m easy (be careful not to go too easy or you won't make the swim interval)
    • #2 – Swim 100m fast, 50m easy
    • #3 – Swim 150m fast, 50m easy
    • #4 – Swim 200m fast
    • #5 – Swim 150m fast, 50m easy
    • #6 – Swim 100m fast, 50m easy
    • #7 – Swim 50m fast, 150m easy

Take 1 full minute of rest and go right into 100s. Select a swim interval on this one that is 15 seconds over your steady pace. For example, if your current steady pace is 1:40 per 100m, your swim interval will be 1:55.

  • 7 x 100m
    • #1 – Swim 25m fast, 75m easy
    • #2 – Swim 50m fast, 50m easy
    • #3 – Swim 75m fast, 25m easy
    • #4 – Swim 100m fast
    • #5 – Swim 75m fast, 25m easy
    • #6 – Swim 50m fast, 50m easy
    • #7 – Swim 25m fast, 75m easy

Depending on your goals and fitness level, repeat a second round of the 100s.

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Cool Down

  • Swim 200m very easy
  • Total distance 3200m to 4000m

Note: Thanks to swim coach Doug Garcia for the main set.

Be sure to go into these swim sets relatively fresh. If you are wiped out from previous runs, bike rides or life chores it is best to just do an easy swim and come back to these workouts later when you can go faster.

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