Prevent Running Injuries With Body Maintenance

A runner's body is a fine-tuned machine that requires maintenance to operate at its best. Yet many runners often neglect the simplest part of a training regimen. Imagine for a minute that you brought your 5-year-old car into the mechanic. He asks you how long it's been since your last regularly scheduled maintenance visit.

You look dumbly at him and reply, "Uhh, I've never brought my car into the mechanic before. I just... drive."

Predictably, your mechanic would be furious! The tires would need to be replaced, the oil would need to be changed and the brakes in obvious need of attention.

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Of course, you'd likely never go so long without bringing your car to the mechanic. That's just asking for problems that will cost you thousands of dollars.

So ask yourself: Why doesn't your body deserve regularly scheduled maintenance as well?

Why Runners Need Maintenance

Runners aren't like normal people—we run! And the act of running is admittedly a one-dimensional activity that creates muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Our lifestyles are also promoting dysfunction: we sit down for most of our waking hours, often for 10 hours per day or more.

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Because of this it's imperative that we counteract the negative effects of this lifestyle: weak hips, tight hamstrings, chronically poor posture and inactive gluteal muscles.

If you try to run without correcting the side effects of a modern life you'll inevitably incur overuse injuries and wonder why it happened in the first place.

By incorporating regular body maintenance days into your training program, you can stay healthy and keep running strong.

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