8 Tips for Running in Hot Weather

Summer is a great time for being active and training for fall races. Whether you have more time on your hands, more daylight, or just the desire to get out and run, summer is a great season for training.

However, with summer comes high heat and you want to take precaution when doing your runs. Here are some tips for staying cool while running in hot weather.

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1. Plan ahead.

Do your runs in the early morning or evening, not at peak sun hours. Take advantage of the extra daylight.

2. Invest in climate-controlled clothing.

Wear light clothing and sports shirts that repel moisture.

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3. Monitor your water intake.

Drink at least 8 oz. of water every one to two hours on your run. Wear a hydration pack or fuel belt that allows you to carry water. Plan your routes around water fountains or stores where you can refill your water mid-run.

4. Replenish electrolytes.

It is common to sweat more during hot runs and therefore lose more electrolytes. In addition to replenishing water, make sure to get your electrolytes. You can try a mix of half Gatorade and half water.

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5. Acclimate yourself.

As the hot weather approaches, take caution with your runs. Work yourself up to long runs as you get used to the heat.

6. Be smart.

Make sure to look out for heat advisories and warnings. Rearrange your training schedule if the day is unusually hot or humid. Check the weather early in the week and adjust your runs accordingly.

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7. Map out a new route.

Take the time to look for a shady trail instead of running in direct sunlight. You may even include some treadmill runs for shorter distances if the weather is unbearable.

8. Block the sun.

Make sure to liberally apply sunscreen and wear a hat or visor. This will block the sun from hitting your face directly.

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