6-Week 5K Training Plan With a Music Mix

Music gets you moving. But did know it's also an effective 5K training partner?

Whether you choose to run a 5K for weight loss or as a bucket-list challenge, starting a new training program can seem daunting. However, studies show that when the beat of your music is more energetic and matched to your run, you'll have a more intense and productive workout.

In other words, rhythm and beats can be the fuel and motivation that gets–and keeps–you running.

The Heart Rate-Music Connection

Several studies show a connection between the heart rate and music.

The average heart rate is between 72 to 80 beats per minute while music tempos may range from 70 to 170 beats per minute, according to The Effect of Music on Exercise, by Len Kravitz.

The heart rate tends to moderately follow the music, increasing in response to fast music and decreasing in response to slow music, according to a review of studies by Dainow. (Dainow, 1977).

Meanwhile, research led by Costas Karageorghis found the faster the beat, the higher the intensity. His research also identified the link between increased arousal and music tempo. The faster the beat per minute (bpm), the more likely you'll pick up the pace in a stress-free manner because the music is an effective distraction.

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6-Week 5K Training Plan

To help you train for your 5K, we asked San Diego Team Challenge Chron's and Colitis running coach, Kat Gunser, to create a six-week 5K training plan. Then we partnered with RockMyRun to create a music mix to help you pick up the pace and cross the finish line strong.

5K Training Plan

5K Training Plan PDF 

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