11 Keys for a Successful Marathon Journey


Not every workout is going to be a joy. In fact, you're likely to miss a few training runs along the way. The key is consistency and keeping the momentum flowing. The marathon training plan is a blue print that you can modify to fit your journey to the start line. Be flexible along the way. A short workout is better than none at all.


It won't officially be a marathon training season with out at least one workout that knocks you off your feet.  We learn some of our greatest lessons from the most adverse training sessions.

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Tapering is to marathoning as sleep is to life. Adding to your training plan in the final few weeks in hopes to do some last-minute cramming only takes away from your race day performance. Occupy your mind and rest your body. You will likely perform as well as the quality of your recovery.


As you make your way through the final weeks of training, feelings of shear and utter fear can creep into your mind. "This seemed like a great idea a few months ago," you may say to yourself.  This is the time to review your training log, focus on a few strong workouts during the season, and have faith in your preparation. It's what going to get you through to the finish line.

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It is easy to get caught up in the excitement on race morning, especially with your well-rested body. The secret to a beautiful finish line photo is to be the tortoise rather than the hare. Pace yourself early, hold back the reigns, and invest in the final 6 miles (the second start line). Being able to pass people in the final miles of a race (nicely, of course) is one of the most inspiring feelings. Your legs will be fatigued, but you'll feel like a superhero.


It is better to define your success by the magnitude of the accomplishment, than the minutes on a clock. Fast or slow, we all make our way to the finish line with our own two feet. Celebrate every finish and appreciate your marathon journey.

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