Transition Into Summer Running

The summer months are quickly approaching and your body will need to adjust not only to the changing climate, but to the inevitable increase in mileage. Below I've composed a list of things that will make this transition easier for you and your legs.


Don't leave your water at home on your long runs, especially if you run on trails. Water fountains can be hard to come by on remote trails and I don't recommend leisurely drinking out of a steam. There are tons of great companies that make belts, handhelds and backpacks that can hold all your water needs.

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Make sure you fuel properly. Time and calories fly by when you're having fun. Gels are easy to digest, and when you're done running you'll still want that burger.


It is imperative that you share your exploits with the world. Invest in a carrying case as well to avoid adding your broken camera to an electronic grave yard. Remember to have fun with your photos.

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An unsightly shorts tan can be a nuisance. Try to change up the length of your shorts so that you develop a gradual fade line rather than a blunt tan line.


You'll want to have a large number of running buddies that you can invite on your escapades. If you find that your friends are getting worn out, come up with a rotating schedule. That way, you aren't smothering everyone with your enthusiasm.  

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Post-Run Fuel

Bust out the grill, skewers, flat wear and ice. These are key things to have after a grueling long run. Who doesn't deserve a burger after their best running effort? Fire up the grill, make some drinks, slip on your flip-flops, and enjoy the summer.  

Lawn Chair

Strategically placed in the sunshine (or shade if you prefer), this can really help you unwind on your deck after a good run. Pull out a good book about running too keep you inspired.

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Sick Days

I use this term loosely. Sick days can sometimes be taken when you are absolutely healthy and have plans to play in the mountains.  

Sense of Adventure

Wake up from your winter hibernation, start planning trips, barbecues, races, and epic mountain jaunts. Get out there and explore. The more miles, the more smiles.

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