Race-Day Essentials: What to Pack for Your Obstacle Race

Cash and ID

Cash will come in handy because you might need to pay for parking or partake in post-race festivities. If you want to enjoy food or beer afterwards you'll need some cash. Or, maybe you'll want to buy memorabilia. Some races have really great apparel that will show off your accomplishments. You'll need an ID to check-in if there is race-day check-in and to drink at the after-party.

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Some obstacle races have showers to rinse off. Rinse the mud off and use your towel to dry off. Then slip on your change of clothes.


You're bound to sweat during your obstacle race. After you clean up, why not freshen up a bit and save others around you from your natural odor.

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Obstacle races are meant to be fun and usually create hilarious memories. Capture these moments and snap a photo. Show your pre-race cleanliness and post-race mess. It's proof how dirty you get at these obstacle races.

Your Favorite Post-Race Snack

Everyone has their favorite post-race beverage, bar or snack. Just in case there isn't food at the post-race party, pack something to eat to help nourish your body.

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What do you keep in your race-day bag? Comment below.

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