How to Beat the Cold and Flu: A Quiz

Part 2: Getting Outside

1. It's snowing out. Well, there are flurries wizzing about. What do you do?

a) Call in to work, there's no way you can make it there. You can however make it to the mountain to ski, where they are getting real snow.
b) Make a snow angel.
c) Instagram a photo of it, post it and hope for instant stardom.
d) Go back to bed, you ate fruit cake at the office and have been up all night hugging the toilet.

All of the above could be correct. But let's break it down. I like option A because you get to go outside. Option B, you also get to go outside, but your angel is going to be a bit pathetic considering the snow situation. You might want to just do some jumping jacks in your living room. Option C is typically what people will do, but it's also the most annoying. And if you chose option D, I'm truly sorry.

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2. You have a terrible cold, but you can't stand one more second of laying on your couch, watching The Price is Right. You:

a) Change the channel.
b) Pop in a yoga DVD and realign your chakras...maybe that will make you feel better!
c) Instagram and Tweet about the chicken noodle soup you just ate.
d) Close your eyes and sleep. Maybe you're just having a dream.

All of the above could be potential answers, but I think the best option, depending on how sick you are, is option B. You'll get your body moving a bit which can help you feel better. Try to avoid the lure of choice C.

I'm sure this quiz has been enlightening or at the very least, a change in pace from The Price is Right. Seriously though, avoiding colds is tough. Use common sense. Eat healthy, exercise and avoid the fruit cake.

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