Base-Building for Your First 10K: The 50-Mile Challenge

Making the jump from training for a 5K to training for your first 10K is certainly doable, but the question will linger as you take on a longer distance for the first time: Am I getting enough miles in?

Here's a good goal that will encourage several days of running per week that will ultimately build the foundation you need to run a strong 10K.

The challenge is simple: Run 50 miles in a month.

Though there's obviously more to training for your first 10K, and in particular a fast 10K, a 50-mile month leading up to the race is a great way to target an ideal amount of miles while making it harder for you to skip a run (wouldn't it stink to finish with 49 miles for the month?)

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"Although this type of plan is simple, it does two things for the beginner that are necessary to build running fitness," said Karl Stutelberg, a certified running coach and owner of Cutting Edge Running. "It promotes consistent training, running 3 to 4 times per week, and it also builds mileage gradually and conservatively.

"These two aspects of training allow the runner's body to adapt to the stress of training without increased risk of injury from doing too much too soon."

After taking a few months off to nurse an injury, I signed up for a 10K with almost no base to work off of. I decided to take on the 50-mile challenge to get my mileage up.

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