Are You Ready for The Color Run 5K?

You've trained all year to reach your running-time goal and you've finally accomplished it. Now, you're ready to take on another race, but you want a little break. Do you just stop running for a week or two then get back to training or do you look for some sort of event that's fun, laid back and untimed? You should opt for option two—the fun, laid back and untimed event.

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Fun runs are popping up all over the place. Different themes and costume races are reasons that draw people to try these events. And that's the idea that The Color Run tried.

The Color Run is less about speed and all about fun with your friends and family. You dress in all white and run, walk, skip or crawl 3.1 miles. So where's the fun? Oh, you get paint thrown on you throughout the course. By the time you cross the finish line you're a moving abstract piece of art.

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Here are the basic rules for The Color Run

  • Wear White.
  • Get plastered with paint.
  • Have tons of fun.

The rules are pretty simple.

Each kilometer on the course is designated with a color. For example 1K is yellow, 2K is blue, 3K is green, 4K is pink and 5K (finish line) is the "Color Extravaganza"—paint gets blasted on you.

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The paint is not your typical paint, it's The Color Run's special "elf made" recipe of magical color dust (powder paint). The products are 100% natural and safe.  In fact, you can even eat the stuff, although it doesn't taste all that great.

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