Gear Up for Your Spring Camping Trip

With the worst of winter behind you, it's time to get out and plan a spring camping trip. Unfortunately, this in-between season is often temperamental with bouts of cold weather and a lot of rain. 

This doesn't mean you can't enjoy a camping trip, however. When you plan accordingly and pack the proper camping gear, this can be a refreshing way to welcome the first rays of springtime sunshine. 

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Prepare for Rain

Spring weather is finicky: even if the weather report and Farmer's Almanac say it will be a clear weekend, plan for rain. Protect your campsite, and everything in it, with the proper rain gear.

Tarp: Bring a tarp and tie it above your campsite between trees. Cover key areas like the kitchen, the fire pit and wood pile. Be sure to angle it down so rainwater can run off the sides.

Pop up shelter: If you don't have a tarp, a pop up shelter will also keep rain out. Put the rain flaps on to keep wind from blowing rain inside.

Rainfly: A warm bed is necessary, especially on cold spring nights. A rainfly will keep water out, so you have a dry place to sleep. Look for a tent with a full rainfly, as opposed to partial, which will provide more coverage.

Waterproof tent: If you already own a tent, seal the seams before a spring camping trip using seam glue. You can also purchase a waterproof tent; choose one with double walls and waterproof seam tape.

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Stay Warm At Night

Though winter has come and gone, spring camping trips are still susceptible to cold weather, especially at night.  Prepare for chilly spring evenings in your tent with cold-weather gear to help you get a good night's sleep.

Sleeping pad: High-quality sleeping pads are designed to keep heat in by making a buffer of warmth between you and the cold ground. Find one that's insulated with foam filling or heat-trapping air chambers.

Sleeping bag: Pay close attention to the temperature rating of sleeping bags to be sure you have one that can handle the cold weather. A 20 degree F bag should be enough to keep you warm.

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