What to Do With Your Summer Vacation Photos

Make Cards

Again, you can use a program online or something like iPhoto. Experiment with different effects and papers, give them to your friends, send them out for Christmas. 

Keep Mementos

Incorporate tickets, maps, passes or take pictures of random items—the little details: a meal, road sign, animals. Collage these reminders to your photo books, picture frames, cards and the like. They add to the final product. 

Back It Up!

Whether you find an online solution or a separate hard drive, back that stuff up in a different location. You want your photos in a different place in the event that your computer crashes or is ruined. You may even want to keep an external hard drive in a fire-proof safe...just in case.

And once you make your final photo pic and get rid of all the unwanted outtakes that will only take up space on your camera or smart phone, sync the best 20 or so back up to your phone, Facebook, or Instagram a few so that they exist online, as well.

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