'Sup With SUP Yoga?

"Breathe in, breathe out. And no scare fish."—Mr. Miyagi

If Jesus could walk on water, then what's stopping you from busting out a downward dog? Sure, it may sound silly or frivolous at first, but SUP yoga is catching on.

From Washington State to California to Utah, Texas, Florida, New York, Michigan ? yogis are now chanting their ohms and practicing their sun salutations on oceans, bays, lakes—people are even doing?paddleboard yoga?in pools.?

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Think it's just another trendy fad? What's the point, you ask?

Remember when Daniel-san practices the Crane and other such Karate moves in the canoe as Mr. Miyagi fishes?

Well there was a reason for that. Balancing on a floating object takes intense focus, centering and core strength. It forces you to flow into and hold your poses correctly and in a controlled way?because if you don't, you're all wet.

And aside from form, it's a way for people to reconnect with nature, get out and breathe fresh air, feel sunshine, fresh- or saltwater on their skin and enjoy the scenery.

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