Daypack Essentials for Camping Adventures

Your campsite is simply a spot to keep your gear and rest your head at night. Camping activities like hiking, fishing, nature watching, skiing, biking, and spelunking all happen away from your campsite. Once you leave, you need to take a variety of important items with you. 

While there are a number of daypack essentials to bring on any camping adventure, you first need to choose the proper daypack and then learn how to keep it clean after each trip.

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Purchase a Daypack

Before you can prep your daypack, you need to buy one for each adult, and your children, as well. It's not too early to teach kids to be aware of weather, terrain and how to pack for each outing, so take this opportunity to do so. With your daypacks picked out, it's time to fill them with the essentials.

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Pack the Essentials

  1. Water: This is essential on any day trip. For high-energy activities in especially hot and dry areas use a hydration vest. These come in a variety of styles, colors and materials, and usually add two liters or more to your water supply.
  1. Trail Mix: Make your own trail mix for a healthy alternative to name brands, which are often filled with sodium, fat and sugar. For example, buy organic ingredients, substitute dark chocolate for milk chocolate, or use gluten-free cereal. Whatever you add, be sure to maintain a good balance of protein, fruit and grains. Find a variety of recipes at
  1. Location Equipment: Now that smart phones keep us in touch wherever we are, we forget reliable old stand-bys like a signal mirror and a cheap whistle; both of which kids can use. Pack these items and teach your children how to send an SOS whistle—three longs, three shorts, three longs—as well as the importance of signaling only in real emergencies. No matter what, always pack trail maps, nature guides and binoculars.
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