8 Unconventional Remedies to Help You Sleep at the Campsite

You love camping—getting away from it all, enjoying nature and cooking over a fire. But when it comes time to fall asleep that's when you start wishing for your bed back home.

A rock in your back, minimal space, noisy neighbors and early mornings can translate into long days and even longer nights. Learn how unconventional solutions including hammocks and DIY projects will help you get a good night's sleep on your next trip. 

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Cot or Hammock

If sleeping on the ground doesn't seem ideal, try a cot, which raises you a few inches off the ground, or a hammock, like ENO's Doublenest, that will rock you to sleep. Cots are helpful for campers with a bad back, but can be bulky, hard to set up, and take up too much space in a tent.

If you're going to sleep in a hammock, test it at home to find a sleeping position that keeps you cozy all night. Unlike cots, hammocks take up minimal space, but you do have to find two optimally spaced trees.

DIY Heater

Fill a Nalgene with warm or hot water and stick in the bottom of your bag. This will add a little warmth when you can't seem to shake an especially chilly night.

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Eye Cover

Unless you're used to early morning sun shining through your windows, sunrise in a tent can be an abrupt awakening. Opt for an eye cover or a long Buff, which you can use for a headband, too. You can also pitch your tent in a shady area, if possible.

Two-Person Sleeping Bag

If you're used to cuddling with your honey, purchase sleeping bags that can zip together, or grab a double sleeping bag, like those by Big Agnes.

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