5 Pancake Recipes for Every Campsite Meal

If you love breakfast for dinner, pancakes should be one of your camping staples. You can make them protein rich, low carb, highly flavored or bland—allowing butters, syrups and sauces to take the flavor spotlight.

Plus, pancakes can feed a large group of people. With a griddle that spans two camp stove burners, you can flip enough flapjacks  to feed even the hungriest of campers.

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Don't just churn out the same old pancakes. Try, egg-rich pancakes to serve with Asian dishes, crepes to fill with canned chili or creamed chicken or classic flapjacks to slather with gravy for a hearty but simple supper. Try these pancake recipes next time you're at the campsite—and don't forget to have a little fun with them. 

Campsite Pancake Basics

You're a pancake master at home, but at the campsite you're working with different tools and an outside environment. Keep these tips in mind as you flip your first set of pancakes.

  • Make pancakes at home if you don't have time to cook a whole batch at the campsite. Freeze them and then toast a batch later at camp.
  • Cook flapjacks from scratch with a pie iron. Oil each side with non-stick spray and fill one half with pancake mix—don't over-fill. Bake in the fire on both sides until cakes release from the iron.
  • Don't flip until bubbles show clearly on the uncooked side. 
  • Make a double batch of crepes and use extras as cold sandwich wraps.

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Add Bold Flavors

Add some excitement to your pancake recipes with these homemade sauce and butter ideas.

  • Soften two sticks of butter and stir in 2 teaspoons cinnamon or apple or pumpkin pie spice, sweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract and ground pecans. Chill and serve by the tablespoon.
  • Make your own syrup. Stir a cup of water with 2 cups white or brown sugar. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, and stir in a teaspoon each vanilla and maple extracts.
  • Heat 2 cups maple syrup and stir in 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder to dissolve. Serve over breakfast or dessert pancakes.
  • For additional protein add a half cup of mashed tofu, cottage cheese or ricotta cheese to a recipe that calls for 2 cups flour.

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