15 Must-Have Outdoors Apps

On the Trip

What Knot to Do: iOS, Free

You never know when you'll need to tie a knot. This app helps you tie 70 knots, within six different categories such as hitches, loops and bindings. Illustrations, terminology definitions and step-by-step directions make you a knot master with little effort. What's more, you can save the best ones in your Favorites List for easy access next time.

SkyMap: Android, Free

Instead of just gazing at the stars, find out what you're looking at. Hold your phone up to the sky and watch as it highlights the names of constellations, planets and galaxies that appear on the screen.

Camp Recipes: iOS, $1.99

Cooking outdoors has never been easier than with this handy camping app. With over 700 recipes, it's the most comprehensive outdoors cooking app available, as well. Search by backpack ready, prep time and category to find recipes quickly and easily.

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Trails App: iOS, Free

Use this app to find trails close to your campsite. With up to date weather conditions, trails for every activity, sunrise and sunset times, trail details, trail stats and more, you have everything you need in this one, easy to use app.

Camping Tools: Campfire Games: Android, $.99

If you're all out of spooky stories, bring this camping app to keep your little ones entertained while hanging around the campfire. With a variety of games ranging from Two Truths and a Lie to Frogger, they'll be busy having fun while you relax after a long day.

HeadsUp!: iOS and Android, $.99

This game of charades-gone-mobile is perfect for a rainy afternoon around the campsite. Hold the phone on your head, as people around you give clues for what the animal, song, TV show or person is. The best part: the app records the players as they shout and act out clues. Watch it at the end for a good laugh. 

GotoAID: iOS, $4.99

Whether you need to mend yourself, a friend, a cat or a dog, this camping and hiking app will help you through the process. With instructions on how to handle burns, sprained ankles, choking and more, you can be at peace for the duration of your trip. For backcountry hikers and primitive campers, this app is an important tool.

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