Green Smoothies: Why You Should Rotate Your Raw, Leafy Greens

But that doesn't mean you need to give up that morning smoothie you've come to love on the daily—just switch it up. It's all about balance. 

Nutritional Diversity

Mixing up your leafy greens will ensure that you're rounding out all the different vitamins each type carries. Plus, each different type of leafy green contains small amounts of alkaloids so, when you switch them often, you're giving your body a chance to work on the different alkaloids equally.

Know the Leafy Green Families

Rotate your leafy greens according to family.
  • Crucifers: kale, collards, arugula, cabbage, bok choy, radish greens, mustard greens, broccoli
  • Amaranth: spinach, chard, beets
  • Asteraceae: dandelions, leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce
  • Apiaceae: parsley, cilantro, anise, celery, chervil, cumin, dill, fennel, parsnip
  • Poaceae: wheatgrass 

So don't substitute cabbage for kale right away; dip into a new family, first. 

Add 10 to 15 Leafy Greens to Your Stockpile

Keep a considerable list of 10 to 15 of your favorite raw leafy greens that you'd like to make regular appearances in your green smoothie, equally from different families. Rotate them every week or two and enjoy.

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