Anti-Inflammatory Recovery Foods

You just finished a tough workout and you're ready to replenish your body. Before you grab the usual recovery foods and drinks, stop and think about what you're putting in your body.

You might be eating or drinking products that foster—not fight—inflammation.

If you are looking for foods that help you recover, try these anti-inflammatory options after training.

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Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that not only reduces inflammation, but can also fight cancer, promote heart health, and help with autoimmune illnesses.

Curcumin is the root of turmeric and it's what gives turmeric its vibrant yellow color. Studies have even shown that taking curcumin daily was more effective than NSAIDs and acetaminophen.

Turmeric is a powerful COX-2 inhibitor without the harsh side effects—liver and kidney damage, increased risk of heart attack and stroke—that pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs can have. Additionally, it boosts your immune system, as it's stronger than vitamins C and E and packed with antioxidants. This herb also gives you glowing skin, healthy bone joints and improves digestion.

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How to use: You can sprinkle organic turmeric on your savory food dishes or make an anti-inflammatory organic juice shot. The benefits of turmeric are activated by black pepper, so you can also add that to your dishes to enhance the effects.

Gaia Herbs has a complete line of organic turmeric concentrated products to add to your daily routine. If you start going through your supply quickly, you can purchase bulk organic turmeric powder.

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