Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Reese?s peanut butter cup  1 fun size cup 


    110 calories


Peanut M & M?s 1 fun size bag =


   90 calories


Butterfinger 1 snack size bar =


   85 calories


M & M?s 1 fun size bag =


   85 calories


Skittles 1 fun size bag =


   80 calories


Peppermint Patty 1 fun size patty =



   70 calories

Kit Kat 1 fun size bar =



   67 calories

Gummy Life Savers 1 fun size package



   55 calories

Tootsie Roll 1 snack bar =



   50 calories

Nerds 1 fun size box =


   50 calories

Sour patch candy 1 fun size packet =


   50 calories

Starburst 2 chews =


   40 calories

Smarties 1 roll =



   25 calories


Bargain with your kids and ask them to trade their stash of candy for a favorite nonfood item, iPod gift cards, sneakers, jeans, a chance to stay up just a little later on a school night, or cash always works!  Pay for each sweet treat they "sell" you, and let them "earn" money for a toy or game they want to buy. Reward your kids for making good decisions! Be prepared to bargain other treats for your kids stash.

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