5 Healthier Options for Your Favorite Drinks

What She's Drinking

"Snapple is my go-to drink when I crave sugar. I figure it's healthier than soda." Christine Glavan, 26, Manhasset, New York

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The tea has more calories than a can of regular soda—and almost as much sugar.

Convenience Store

Snapple Lemon Tea

160 calories, 0 g fat per 16-oz bottle

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Honest Tea Half & Half Organic Tea with Lemonade

100 calories, 0 g fat per 16.9-oz bottle

Four of the Snapple ingredients—water, tea, citric acid and natural flavors—are virtually free of calories and sugar. That means the drink's 36 g (3 tablespoons) of sugar come from the only other listed ingredient: added sugar. By contrast, Honest Tea delivers the same refreshing tea-and-lemon combo for 60 fewer calories. It does have some added sugar but 12 g less than Snapple does. Honest Tea also contains all-natural ingredients, making it a good alternative to soda, which has artificial stuff.

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What She's Drinking

"I love an energy boost after a workout." Grace Gealey, 27, Brooklyn, New York

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It replaces the calories burned in a 45-minute elliptical workout.

Gym Juice Bar

Juice Generation 24 oz Mucho Mango Smoothie

370 calories, 4 g fat

Sip it Smarter

Juice Generation 20 oz Pure Energy Juice

150 calories, 0 g fat

Juice Generation's blends are made with lots of produce and nothing artificial—bravo! But the smoothies are too high in calories to count as a snack, which shouldn't exceed 200 calories. If you want a small pre- or postworkout pick-me-up, our choice, Pure Energy Juice, gives you 5 g energizing protein for 220 fewer calories. If this cup is serving as a meal, opt for the 24-oz Protein Buzz Smoothie (410 calories, 6 g fat). Blended with fruit and hemp, soy or whey protein, it has the ideal combo of carbs and protein for lunch.

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What She's Drinking

"I like a cocktail I can sip slowly, but I never know what the best option is." Kasia Galazka, 26, Brooklyn

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More types of alcohol means more calories.

Happy Hour

Oaxaca old-fashioned with tequila, mezcal, agave and bitters

159 calories, 0 g fat

Sip it Smarter

A shot of tequila (1.5 oz) with club soda and a splash of fresh lime juice

100 calories, 0 g fat

You know a cocktail a day may help protect your heart, but we'd offer this advice: Order carefully. Specialty drinks often have multiple types of liquor, and every 1.5-oz shot adds 97 calories. (Plus, some bartenders are heavy-handed.) Also, beware excess agave: The plant-based sweetener can be 80 percent fructose, a sugar shown to increase belly fat in a study at the University of California in Davis. Stick to one type of booze with a zero-calorie mixer like club soda. Cheers!

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