Yoga for Newbies: 4 Poses to Get You Started

Want to try yoga, but intimidated by all the lingo and poses? Maybe you want to practice yoga, but don't think you can because you're not flexible. 

Guess what? Yoga helps you become more flexible. It also builds strength, balance, concentration, mental clarity and emotional stability. Learn the basics of yoga, the benefits of practicing the activity, as well as a few beginner poses. 

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is different than basic stretching because it emphasizes the use of the breath. By focusing on the breath you connect the mind, body and spirit. The breath helps to quiet a busy mind, removes physical and energetic blockages in the bodily systems, and brings you more easily into the present moment. By removing mental and physical clutter, you can more easily connect with your "observer self."  

Yoga combines the breath with specific postures designed to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression, allowing for increased levels of peace and joy. Practicing yoga also builds physical health because for every muscle you stretch, you're strengthening the opposing muscle. 

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