Stay Fit for Summer: Power Through Planks

You've put in hard work during the spring to get your body ready for swimsuits, shorts and tanks this summer. Now it's time to keep your physique—particularly your midsection—looking good. Strengthen, tone, and build muscle all over with one move: the plank.

Planks work your body from head to toe. These plank variations provide a fast and effective total-body workout: You'll boost your heart rate, burn calories, and flatten your belly.


1-Minute Plank Walks

Start in a traditional plank position: Place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart, extend your legs straight back, and engage your core.

Simultaneously move your right hand and foot out a couple inches to the right. You're now in an extra-wide plank position. Move your left hand and foot toward your right to move back to a traditional plank pose. Continue walking for 30 seconds to the right, then switch. Walk for 30 seconds to the left.

1-Minute Plank Jack

Start in a traditional plank position. The motion is like a jumping jack, except your arms don't move. Your feet do all the moving. Keep your core engaged to avoid hip movement. Continue to move your feet in and out for one minute.

About Stay Fit for Summer

Each week from June 2 to August 29, the Stay Fit for Summer series will offer a creative fitness circuit and healthy recipe to help you maintain your beach body. So get ready for your healthiest summer yet. Warning: You may never want to take your swimsuit off again.

Pair this workout with the Tri-Color Tomato Salad

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