[GIF] 4-Minute Fat-Blasting Tabata Workout

Does your packed schedule leave little time to fit in a complete workout? Don't let a lack of time derail your fitness goals. If you have nine minutes in a day—five for a warmup and four for the workout—you can burn calories and fat.

How? Tabata training—a high intensity interval training workout that lasts exactly four minutes.

Tabata exercises are among the simplest and most efficient ways to workout. It begins with a short burst of high intensity exercise training for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat this eights times for a total of four minutes.

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In one minute you can burn up to 15 calories, according to ACE Fitness.

Before you start this high intensity workout, make sure to warm up for five minutes to loosen your muscles and prevent injuries.

Tabata Workout: High Knees

To do this Tabata workout, set an interval timer or stopwatch for 20 seconds during the work phase and 10 seconds for the rest phase.

Stand tall, engage your core, and drive your knees up to your chest as fast as you can. Continue for 20 seconds. During your 10 seconds of rest, walk it off nice and easy. Repeat this sequence seven more times.

Knee-Up Gif 

During your work phase, you really need to push yourself as much as you can. Make sure you get those knees up high and move quickly.

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The Benefits of High Knees

This move strengthens the hip flexors, calves, shins, hamstrings and quadriceps. You'll improve ankle and foot durability too. You'll increase your cardiovascular and fitness level, while boosting your metabolic rate.

The quick motion of this move will help develop a stronger core. In addition, you'll develop more stamina, endurance and stability.

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