7 Resources to Reach Your Fitness Goals

A few weeks have passed since you made your resolutions. Are you still on track to reach your goals this year? If you've found that you need an extra nudge of motivation, these top resources can help you jump back in the game and keep you active.

1. Discounts on Race Fees

Don't let race fees limit you from staying active. Register for this service to receive regular deals, discounts, and other perks. You can even claim free race entries and enjoy limited time coupons. Other discounts include movie tickets and popular triathlon gear. Start saving money.

2. Support From Reliable Experts - FREE

These experts are trainers, coaches, athletes, and columnists that are highly respected in their fields. Pick their brains and benefit from their top tips and fitness knowledge. They provide high-quality content and work to meet your needs and answer your questions. Get support.

3. Fitness and Nutrition Calculators - FREE

Know your numbers by calculating your body fat, BMI, caloric needs, and ideal weight with this free resource. You can also determine your pace and target heart rate. This information is vital to keep your goals realistic and to help you track your progress. Start calculating.

4. Mobile Phone Apps - FREE

Get your health and fitness tips wherever you go and register for events directly from your phone. Find a running buddy by sharing race information on Twitter and Facebook and access top articles on the go. Apps are available for both iPhone and Android users. Get the App.

5. Relevant Newsletters - FREE

Every week, Active Editors hand-pick the best and most relevant content you can apply to your training season. Content includes sports nutrition tips and new training articles specific to your sport. Sign up for free and stay on top of your game. Subscribe to your sport.

6. Accurate Training Log - FREE

Keeping track of your workouts is important if you want to see results and become a stronger athlete. This free training log allows you to set and track your goals as well a share your progress with friends and earn badges for your activities to keep your motivation high. Log your workouts.

7. Training Plans That Work

Want to run your first 5K? Train for a half? Conquer a marathon? Without a plan, you'll never reach that goal. These training plans are designed to bring out the best in you and get you across that finish line injury-free. Take the guesswork out of how to properly train by using a plan that works. Find your plan.

It's never too late to take the first step toward reaching your health and fitness goals. Make a commitment and start today.

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