4 Social Activities for Fitness and Fun

Meeting up with friends often involves snacks and treats, which can derail health and fitness plans. But there is no need to worry, try these healthy living tips so you can have your treats and your social life, while also burning calories.

Instead of Happy Hour, Try an Adult League

This one may be a bit of an oxymoron because anyone who has been in any sort of adult league—whether it's dodgeball or softball—knows the whole team ends up at the bar after the game.

This fact aside, you are still torching calories before the trip to the bar. One hour of softball can burn 360 calories for a 160-pound person. If you average in two beers at 150 calories each after your game, at least you're balancing out your intake, whereas two drinks at happy hour alone could add at least 300 calories to your daily total.

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Instead of Meeting a Friend for Coffee, Play a Few Rounds of Singles

Tennis is one of those activities that can always be fun, no matter your skill level. A nice day can make you want to grab a cup of coffee at your favorite outdoor caf? and sit and chat with friends. But how about grabbing that coffee to go and meeting a friend for a game of tennis?

A caf? au lait can run you a minimum of 150 calories, but one hour of tennis can burn up to 580 calories for a 160-pound person. So catch up with friends while catching your breath with tennis.

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Instead of a Lunch Date, Go for a Long Walk

Many of us look forward to that one-hour lunch break to run out of the office and just be anywhere else. This often happens in the form of a lunch out with friends or coworkers. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed people consume more food at restaurant meals due to the large size of the portions.

Instead of wasting extra calories and money on a meal out, pack your lunch to eat at your desk and use your lunch break as time to go for a long walk with friends or coworkers. You will return to your desk energized and clear headed instead of in a food coma. Plus, you'll burn about 270 calories on an hour-long walk if you keep a somewhat brisk pace.

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Organize a Game of Volleyball Instead of Waiting by the Grill All Day

So you've made it through your week by playing tennis with friends, dodging happy hours, and taking a walk on your lunch break... But what to do when the sun is out and it's time to barbecue burgers and hot dogs?

Try organizing a game of volleyball or bocce ball, to keep you from hovering over the food table. There's no need to completely avoid the food if you enjoy it, just add other activities to the day to keep from mindlessly munching.

A game of volleyball can blast at least 300 calories in an hour, while the slow-paced walking you do with games like bocce ball can burn around 150 calories.

These are just a few swaps you can make. Encourage your friends to be active with you to hold everyone accountable.

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