33 Trendy Fitness Classes You Have to Try

We polled more than 100 gyms and studios in four trend-setting cities (New York, Miami, LA and Chicago) for their hottest classes (including Zumba). Not in those ZIP codes? Get better-body benefits wherever you are with our insider tips.

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New York: Zumba

Get the Party Started

The dance craze that torches some 400 calories per hour, has taken the workout world by storm. (Half of you say you've already tried it, a self survey finds.)

What's next: Shake what your mama gave ya with the Xbox 360 Kinect game Zumba Fitness Rush ($50; ZumbaFitnessGame.com). Or at the gym, try the new offshoot Zumba Sentao (sitting in Spanish), where a chair is your dance partner.

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New York: Soulcycle

The city that never sleeps hates a snoozefest sweat session. To make it here, workout locales pull out all the stops, giving a Spin class a club-like vibe and bringing surfing fun past the shore. Soul-Cycle.com

What to expect: A unique indoor cycling strategy—super fast pacing and push-ups off the handlebars to the beat of bass-thumping music. Diehards liken it to "dancing on a bike." Just when you think you can't pedal another second, catch your breath with a bout of hammer curls and shoulder presses in the saddle using 2-pound hand weights. You may also notice familiar faces in your row. No biggie; it's probably only regulars Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Know before you go: Forgot your hair tie, deodorant or even gum? This studio keeps all on hand for free.

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Your turn: Steal Soul's mojo: Go to its site to download 10 of the most popular leg-churning songs played in class that month.

New York: Hip-Hop/Funk


What to expect: Booty pop, hip shaking and b-boying (you know, break-dance moves where you're spinning like crazy on your hands and butt on the floor). And worry not, no-rhythm newbies: Vivacious instructor Bev Brown will baby-step you into the 90-minute routine so you never feel lost.

Know before you go: Call your moves-like-Jagger pals, and ask them to join. BFFs often take the class together to pair off for the choreographed partner sequences.

Your turn: Brown cribs moves from hot dance videos. Try your hand—er, feet!—at Rihanna's "Where Have You Been," a class favorite.

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