Weight Loss: 4 Steps to Success

Step 3: Discover Your Untapped Potential

Did you know there are more opportunities for you in a day than your mind even realizes?  Your receptors may not be open to these prospects because you have grown accustom to regularly doing the same old thing. As humans, you like to repeat behaviors; we do what we know how. It's as if your own underlying behaviors are causing blindness to the very roadways to your success. You can change that by simply deciding to be more courageous in your life. Up the ante and go big with your goal. Release the fear of failure by trusting in the internal and external resources that are available to you. These tools could very well be the landmarks on your map to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself,  "If I could not fail, what would I do?"

Step 4: Strategic Execution

You're now ready to fertilize your desire with action. Apply your 'dream thinking' from Step 3, and begin to form a list of objectives that will transition your 'dream resolution' into an achievable goal. Then filter each objective into a task. Brainstorm the ideas by continuing to dream the possibilities; doing so will marry the power of your spirit to firmly execute an action-plan.

The outline proposed here will help you to discover how something that seemed out of reach can quickly become within your grasp. For instance, if your dream is to run a marathon, but at the present time the farthest you can run is a mile, your mind most likely believes this is an impossible goal. However, by categorizing the necessary steps into an outline, you'll soon see how to create tasks that are the building blocks to reach your goal.

Sign up and learn to successfully complete a 5K to help you create the confidence and ability to train for a 10K. A 10K can lead you to a half marathon and so on. This step by step approach is how clients from the Mind and Body Fit Club have lost up to 105 pounds naturally, and are running all levels of events.

Below is an example to drop 50 pounds:

Goal: To Lose 50 Pounds

1) Create 5 pound weight loss goals

  • Focus only on 1 to 2 pounds of weight shed per week.
  • Do a kitchen makeover: throw out or give away all processed foods: crackers, snacks, sweets, etc.
  • Use the rule: no hydrogenated oil or sugars in the first five ingredients on the label list.

2) Eat clean

  • Incorporate more vegetables and lean proteins like fish, turkey, chicken and soy to your diet.
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption and replace sodas and juices with water.
  • Avoid extra calories from sauces and condiments.

3) Commit to a training schedule

  • Set yourself up for success by sticking to a workout plan that won't burn you out.
  • Prioritize your life including your training schedule in each day.
  • Sign up for a race.
  • Vocalize your goal and inspire others to join you in an effort to hold yourself accountable.

4) Surround yourself with supportive people

  • Join a running club.
  • Be accountable and show up.
  • Join a weight loss group.
  • Decide to be a leader; becoming a teachable student.

Every journey begins with the first step. It is imperative that you remain patient and stay focused on the short term goal. Trust yourself and leap into a new reality knowing it's a process. Follow these four steps to help you take charge of your goal.

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De'Anna Nunez, Author of Burn Your Fat Pants, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, NLP Mental Coach and Marathoner. Founder of the Mind Body Fit Club Program, A Weight Loss Journey with Girlfriends.

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