Stay Healthy on Vacation With 4 Tips

Vacations allow you to get away from it all and help reduce stress. Regardless of intentions, it can be difficult to stick with your exercise program while traveling. Travel does not have to result in a complete interruption of your healthy habits. Since your home gym will not fit in your suitcase, be inventive and get a workout in between the rest and relaxation.

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While booking your trip, check out the workout facilities in hotels. Many hotels offer fitness facilities as well as indoor or outdoor swimming pools. If you are staying at a hotel without these amenities, find out if there is a local park or gym nearby. Many gyms will offer day or weekly passes for a minimal charge.

Resistance Bands Travel Well

A few resistance bands will fit easily into a suitcase or carry-on. They are made out of strong rubber and some may come with handles. They range in resistance from extra light to extra heavy. Resistance bands can work every muscle group on your body. Exercises include chest presses, back rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, squats, and chops.

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Tourist Attractions

Depending upon where you are traveling, some tourist hot spots may also be able to double as a workout. Try bicycling, hiking, surfing, group tours on foot, water-skiing, beach volleyball, a long walk on the beach, swimming etc. Think outside your normal scope of exercise, you may be surprised at the new activities you will enjoy.

Eat Healthy

Don't deprive yourself of trying new foods that are native to where you are traveling. Control your portions and try new things. Before you leave for your trip, eat a healthy meal. This way you will be less likely to snack the entire way there. Pack healthy snacks and avoid the temptations of eating fast food and gas station food along the way.

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