6 Tips to Stay in Shape While on the Road

Oftentimes when people go on vacation, they're tempted to leave EVERYTHING including their exercise routine behind. However, doing so can get you out of the habit of maintaining your exercise program, so instead of forgetting it completely, incorporate it into your travel.

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Here are six tips on how to exercise when traveling.

Walk Around

Walk to your destinations. Not only will you get your exercise, you will also save money. Plus, you'll see a lot more than you might from a cab, bus or other form of public transportation.

Take your pedometer. Clip it on and keep up with the number of steps you are taking even while on vacation. If you see you are falling below the number you usually step during a normal day, which should be as close to 10,000 as possible, find ways to increase your activity level.

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Do Bodyweight Exercises

Do simple exercises such as push-ups, squats and stretches whenever you have some spare time. These can be done anywhere and require no special exercise equipment.

Bring DVDs

Carry your home exercise DVD with you and do this routine either in the morning before you leave for the day or when you return in the evening, perhaps before dinner.

Bring Compact Equipment

Carry portable or compact exercise equipment. If you're flying or have luggage or weight restrictions, opt for resistance bands that won't take up much room or add excess weight to your luggage.

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Check the Facilities

If the hotel you are staying at has a fitness center or a pool, take advantage of one or both of them during your stay.

Take the Stairs

If you see a flight of stairs either in your hotel or on your tour, opt to take them instead of the elevator.

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