6 Tips to Get Ready for an Obstacle Race

Q: Is it more physical or mental training to be successful in an obstacle race?

DB: Honestly, I think it's a bit of both. Like most physical activity, you need to have a proper, positive mindset when you are about to begin any exercise routine (or race in this case). I think the better prepared you are, the more confidence you will have during your race. In other words, you can achieve mental training as a by-product of your hard work.

Q: What advice do you have for a first-timer?

DB: Get your friends or family involved. Most of these events allow for groups or teams to participate together as a unit. A team environment is a great alternative for first timers or people who are a bit apprehensive.

Q: What other advice do you have?

DB: Have fun! There isn't a large money prize for winning these events; go out there to compete, get some exercise, and have some laughs. Obstacle races are all about fun, fitness, and hilarious memories.

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