6 Healthy Habits to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, but it can also be a burden on your waistline. Parties, big meals and comfort foods are usually to blame. People stop making healthy choices and resort to wearing big sweaters and baggy jeans to hide their weight gain.

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Don't let this happen to you. The following six healthy habit swaps will help you keep your weight in-check and look good in your skinny jeans.

Swap Out Rice for Quinoa

When it comes to protein, quinoa is the granddaddy of grains, with more than 8 grams per cooked cup. Drizzle with 1 tsp lemon- or garlic-infused olive oil for added flavor and healthy fat.

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Don't Push the Grocery Cart, Carry a Grocery Basket

If you're at the store for a few items, carry them, or use a hand held basket. Your arms will get a workout while you shop.

Go for Green Tea Instead of Coffee

Lose the cream and sugar, but still get the same pick-me-up in green tea.

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Avoid the Best Parking Spot Battle

Walking an extra mile a day can help you burn about 100 more calories. So, try to walk more. If you live close enough to the grocery store, ditch the car and walk. Bring a backpack to carry your groceries home. If you need to drive, don't park near the entrance. Every extra step you take helps you burn more calories.

Use One Slice of Bread and Cut Out Cheese

Cutting out the second slice of bread will save you about 100 calories. If you omit using cheese, you'll save another 100 calories. You just saved yourself from eating 200 calories.

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Workout in the Airport

If you travel during the holiday season, take a walk around the airport instead of sitting. Wear comfortable shoes on your trip and burn calories before your flight.

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