30-Day Full-Body Fitness Challenge

Forget just working on your arms or legs; this month take on your entire body.

You can get on the right track and strengthen and tone your entire body with the three simple moves from the 30-Day Full-Body Fitness Challenge.

This fitness challenge is effective, time efficient and uses classic bodyweight moves: the push-up, squat and crunch.

The rules in this 30-day challenge are simple to follow and the work is 100 percent excuse-free. You can do the exercises in your living room to start your day or at the gym as an add-on to your regular routine. You'll work your lower body, upper body and everything in-between.

30-Day Full-Body Fitness Challenge Instructions

30-Day Full-Body Fitness Challenge infographic 620

You'll do 100 push-ups on Monday and Thursday, 100 squats on Tuesday and Friday and 100 crunches on Wednesday and Saturday. Sunday is your choice. Do you need a rest? Take it. Do you just love crunches? Do more. Are you in the mood to test your fitness? Do all the moves and time yourself to see how long it will take you.

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