17 Fitness Misconceptions Busted

10. You Don't Need to Load the First Week While Taking Creatine

Cohen recommends one gram per 100 pounds of body weight. It's as effective as taking five grams but you won't retain water, you'll still get stronger, and you won't gain weight. If taken correctly, it's perfectly safe and doesn't cause muscle cramping.

11. You Should Not Bench Press With Your Wrists Cocked Back or Bent

They should be straight. You wouldn't punch with your wrist bent because it's less supportive of the force of the weight. You can develop wrist tendonitis benching this way, as it breaks the proprioceptive system.

You should bench with your wrists straight. This may be awkward at first, as the stabilizers in your wrist will need to get used to the positioning, but you'll eventually be able to recruit more musculature in the chest. The neurological firing patterns will be better, the movement will be smoother, and you'll have less chance of wrist tendonitis as your wrists should get stronger over time.

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12. People Often Misunderstand the Word "Core"

There's actually an outer core and an inner core and they serve two different purposes:

  1. The inner core is strictly responsible for stabilization (transverse abdominus, multifidus). You can train the inner core through isometric movements like front and side planks.
  2. The outer core is responsible for prime movement of the torso (rectus abdominus, external oblique).

You can train the outer core through flexion, extension and rotational movements like sit-ups, Russian twists, chop and lifts and toe touches.

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