13-Minute Workout to Firm Up and Melt Fat

BURN: Tap That
Stand with feet together, arms at sides. Jog in place, alternating butt kicks, for 30 seconds.

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BURN: On Thin Ice
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. Hop left, landing with left knee slightly bent, crossing right leg behind left, knee bent, and reach right fingertips to touch floor outside left foot. Hop right, switching sides. Continue quickly from side to side for 30 seconds.

BURN: Bottoms Up
Crouch with feet together and place hands on floor under shoulders. Keeping hands planted, kick feet in air as high as you can, tucking knees to chest and landing back at start. Continue quickly for 30 seconds.

BURN: Sprinter
Start in a deep lunge, right foot back, fingertips touching floor. Stand, kicking right leg forward, bringing hands together at chest. Return to lunge. Continue quickly for 15 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.

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BURN: Superstar
Stand with feet together, knees soft, hands together at chest. With legs together, jump right as far as you can, then immediately jump left as far as you can. Repeat, then jump up, opening arms and legs wide. Return to start. Continue quickly for 30 seconds.

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BURN: Bring It In
Stand with feet hip-width apart. Crouch and plant hands on floor under shoulders; jump feet back into a plank. Hop feet up to hands, then quickly jump up, tucking knees to chest. Return to start. Continue quickly for 30 seconds.

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