The Greatest Cities for Cyclists

As much as we fancy a western European city that's successfully outlawed motorized vehicles and gifted every one of its residents a bicycle, where roads become bike lanes and gas stations become SAG stops, this "cycling utopia" doesn't exist. Not yet, anyway.

With the culture of cycling on the rise and greater demand for more economically and ecologically friendly transportation, many cities have taken steps to invest in infrastructure that supports two-wheel travel. Cities, perhaps now more than ever, see the many benefits their residents reap from a cycling-compatible culture. A city of cyclists offers people social, environmental, health and economic benefits equaling 23 cents per every kilometer cycled. Many cities acknowledge and champion cycling's importance. Others don't.

Every two years the Copenhagen Design Company, under the guise of the Copenhagen Index, releases a list of 20 cities. These cities are, according to a long and arduous study, the most bike-friendly places in the world. Each of the following cities advocates for cyclists via programs, facilities, infrastructure, safety and urban planning.

You can click here for the Copenhagen Index criteria and here for the full list.

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