Your 10-Point Plan to Boost Nutrition

8) Aim to consume fluids on a daily basis using this equation: Take your body weight (number of pounds), and divide it in half. That is the number of ounces you should be drinking each day, in addition to the extra fluid you lose during workouts.

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9) Have one cheat meal each week. Ideally this meal should be grain-based and be the night before your week's longest, most demanding workouts. Eat until very satisfied...not stuffed.

10) Reduce fasting periods by eating very frequently—close to rising, and close to retiring for the night. Every one to three hours is best, while sticking to the serving sizes that are suggested on packages. For non-packaged core foods (i.e., apple, banana, sweet potato, etc.) eat one to two items in a sitting.

This summarized version of the Core Diet will keep you feeling on top of your game by providing key nutrient density, while keeping blood sugar stable throughout the day. Nothing replaces working with a dietitian to establish specific macronutrient goals relative to your needs, but this plan will help you boost nutrition and get you started in the right direction.

Embrace the power of nature's foods, while understanding that the extraordinary feats that we ask of our bodies during training also require extraordinary man-made fuels.

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