Hit the Treadmill for a Fast 10K

Recovery and Results

Be sure to include a recovery week every three or four weeks. During your recovery week, do not include a treadmill-track workout.

After using the treadmill-track workouts once per week for four to eight weeks and including recovery weeks or perhaps a pre-race taper, look for faster 10K running results at your next Olympic-distance triathlon.

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Treadmill-Track Workout

Warm up for 20 to 30 minutes before beginning the intervals. The intervals are run at a speed that is 8 percent faster than your open 10K speed. Open 10K speed is often 10 to 20 seconds per mile faster than the 10K speed you run at the end of an Olympic-distance triathlon.

Your heart rate should climb near Zone 5b by the end of the first running interval. The speed is fast, but manageable.

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At the end of the interval session, be sure to include a cool-down jog, walking and stretches.

Print the table below to record details about your treadmill session. Have fun knowing you're on your way to a faster 10K.

Set Speed Run time Repeat number PreHR/PostHR Comments
1   3:30 1    
    3:30 2    
    3:30 3    
2   2:35 1    
    2:35 2    
    2:35 3    
3   1:45 1    
    1:45 2    
    1:45 3    
4   0:50 1    
    0:50 2    
    0:50 3    

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