Are You Addicted to Endurance Training?

Now, tally the number of times you received a score of one.

  • 40 to 45 – You're definitely addicted to endurance exercise.
  • 35 to 39 – You're in the danger zone. One more endurance friend could tip you into full addiction.
  • 24 to 34 – Don't worry, you seem fairly normal, that is "normal" for an endurance creature.
  • 23 or less – The addicts are worried about your health. Step away from the computer and go engage in some endurance exercise.

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A special thank you to the following "normal" fitness buffs, addicts, spouses and significant others for contributing to this column: Carl Ciacci, Elizabeth Sugar Boese, Davida duPont, Rob Forister, Diana Hassel, Bob Herrfeldt, Linda Kennedy, Morgan Murri, G. R. Nessenthaler, Jennifer Riekenberg, Kent Winters, Eddie Metro, Ryan Sahd, Ed Shaw, Peggy Shockley, Todd Singiser, and Jonathan Zeif (J.Z.).

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