Shoe Review: On Cloudsurfer

I haven't worn "cushioned" shoes in years, because usually they reinforce some bad running gait habits I've worked incredibly hard to stomp out (heel-striking, overpronation—as well as this weird heel twist that my physical therapist once referred to as "humorously strange.") But the CloudTec's hollow groove construction on the soles encourage forward momentum and a forefoot strike, they just also allow for a very cushioned landing. For someone ramping up mileage while also trying to keep their form in check, it's truly the best of both worlds.

As for the construction of the uppers, the Cloudsurfer features highly breathable mesh to help keep your feet cool even in warm conditions. The lacing system is light and while I would recommend a quick-lace system for racing, it works perfectly well for the day-to-day usage.

I'd have to say that out on a lightly packed trail is where these shoes really shine. I wore them around my favorite 5-mile loop, which is the perfect testing trail as it offers, hills, gravel, deep sand, rocky sections as well as lightly packed dirt, and they felt like I was running on tiny pillows no matter the terrain.

Overall, I would recommend these as the perfect shoe for those looking to ramp up their marathon training, as the shoes extra cushioning is great for the higher mileage, but the design helps perfect running form at the same time.

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