Sh*t Triathletes Say

"I got in 303 miles on the bike last week?actually it was 303.7; I never round up."

Triathletes love numbers. The more number-obsessed triathletes track every number that can possibly be tracked including but not limited to running mileage, biking mileage, swimming yards or meters, total weekly mileage, calories burned, energy used (watts), altitude gained and lost, speed, calories consumed, body weight, bike weight, and dollars spent on gear.

"I have a race this weekend but it's just a "B" Race." Or "It's just a "C" race; I'm just going to train through it."

Many triathletes prioritize their races according to importance. "A" races are the most important and the main priority of the triathlon season should be to get ready for the "A" race. "B" races should be used as training or practice races to help iron out the kinks for the "A" race. Finally, "C" races are mostly just for fun but they should not interfere with training or racing at the "A" event.

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"I'm tapering right now; I've got my "A" race this weekend."

The week before a big race, triathletes reduce their volume in order to give their bodies a chance to rest and recover before the big event. This is called "tapering".

"I'll be coming out of T1 so fast."

T1 refers to the first transition which takes place between the swim and the bike. Coming out of T1 fast means that the athlete will swap their swimming equipment for biking equipment and get out on the bike course quickly.

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"I went too hard on the swim / bike."

Triathletes need to pace themselves so that they have enough energy to finish all three events. If they go too fast or "too hard" on the swim or the bike, they might run out of energy on the run.

"I do a lot of my rides on the trainer."

The trainer is a tool that helps turn an outdoor bike into a stationary bike so that triathletes can train indoors when the weather is foul. It's also useful when they want to create a controlled environment for speed tests or drills.

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"Crowie, Leanda Cave, Angela Neath, Jonas Colting, Big Sexy and Macca?"

These are all names of professional triathletes. Crowie is short for Craig Alexander; Big Sexy refers to Chris McDonald, and Macca is a nickname for Chris McCormack.

"I have to get up at 4:00 tomorrow morning to swim."

Training for triathlons, especially long ones, can be quite time consuming. It's difficult to balance family, work, kids, social life and training. Many triathletes find that early-morning sessions work best, ensuring they complete their workout before other demands and commitments consume their time.

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