How to Get Your Triathlon Groove Back

Is it more about being outside instead of in a gym? Is it because the race gives you a fitness goal with a deadline? Is it because you were a competitive athlete in school and the competition drives you to get fit?
2. Am I trying to lose weight?

Weight management is one of the more popular reasons to pursue triathlon. But is your reason so you can follow the 'I can eat anything I want because I'm training for a triathlon diet'? Or is it because you want to live the triathlon lifestyle, which pays as much attention to how you fuel your body for peak performance as how you train.

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3. Do I want to be a role model for my kids?

Do you want to teach them how to develop and execute a long-term plan to tackle a big goal? To live a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes rigorous exercise and high quality nutrition? 

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Or is the lesson how to suffer through an endurance event that you're really not ready for?

4. Is it just an item on my bucket list? 

Do you want to do the minimum necessary to beat the cutoff times? Or do you want the experience of getting triathlon race fit on your journey?

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There's no right or wrong answer; just yours. Remember, the reasons you give to these questions directly impact your results more than anything else. So give your big "Why" the serious thought it deserves.

Write it down and read it out loud to see how well you're sold on your reasons. Once you've got it nailed, share it with your key supporters because you'll be calling on them for enthusiastic support over the long haul.

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