Eliminate Excuses: No Buts About It

The author gives a thumbs up while using a handcycle following a foot injury.

Are you prone to making excuses when it comes to your triathlon training?

"I'd like to lose weight but?"

" I was on pace to run ___ but then?"

"I could have been top in my age group but?"

" I would have qualified for Kona but?"

"I wish I had more time to train but?"

We all love to explain away our shortcomings and are quite skilled at it. It's how we protect our egos, recover from bad races, and cover up what might be a lack of preparation for achieving our goals. It's part of being human and we all do it. BUT?

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What if you listen to yourself and define your limiters (the things that are holding you back). What if you listen to yourself in conversation with other athletes and look for the "but".  You might even find yourself coming back to the same topics: lack of time, poor training, life balance, diet, bad form, lack of guidance or a coach who didn't meet your needs.

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Regardless of the reason, once you identify what is holding you back, you have the beginnings of a training plan. Your limiters don't have to remain your limiters if you are willing to take a good, honest look at them. In fact, why not turn them into your secret weapons.  

In August 2011 I sustained career-ending injuries to my foot. Ten years of racing—three years as a pro--came to a halt. I can't race anymore, but now I can become the coach I've always dreamed of.

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I could have eaten bonbons...

...but I set a personal record of 11 miles on the handcycle instead.

Get out there and kick your buts' butt. No more excuses.

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