CrossFit Triathlon Training to Beat Performance Killers

Furthermore, triathletes begin the habituated ritual of setup, which is the first step to building technique endurance and applying technique endurance to their swim, bike, and run workouts. If done correctly, every workout—when executed with proper setup—becomes an incredible technique session, and no longer a "throw away" one from the mechanics perspective.

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This setup ritual in Olympic lifting cues triathletes to think of technique even in the face of fatigue, stress, and distraction. We see these rituals performed across all sports such as baseball players at bat. In CrossFit, triathletes learn the importance of setup with every lift. In CrossFit endurance classes, they learn to set up before every run. Carried over to triathlon, cueing setup mentally and physically prepares the athlete to stay technique-focused when it most counts. Establishing this ritual is the first step towards creating and building greater technique endurance. We play how we practice. When triathletes practice setup in CrossFit, they can "play" better at swim, bike and run mechanics and for longer periods of time while racing. It's in this ritual of setup and continued mental focus that athletes develop technique endurance.

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