Complete Checklist for Traveling Triathletes

Insider Triathlon Travel Tips

There are plenty of triathletes who have traveled extensively and made mistakes so you don't have to. By educating yourself on the ins and outs of triathlon travel, you'll avoid some major headaches prior to your start time.

1. Don't fly with CO2 cartridges. Whether they're in your checked or carry-on luggage, they will raise red flags with airport security. It's better to leave them behind and buy them upon your arrival.

2. Look into the various options for getting your bike to the race. This may be the most complicated part of the process. Depending on where you fly to and from, the cheapest option varies. Consider the choices:

  • Break the bike down and ship it.
  • Buy a bike box and check it at the airport.
  • Buy a soft case and check it at the airport. Sometimes these bags are less likely to be recognized as bike bags and, in turn, cost less to check.
  • Locate a transport service. If you're going to a big race, research whether a local transport service may be shipping bikes to the location. Then you can simply hand off your bike to the service and pick it up from them once you arrive.

3. Take care when packing your wetsuit. Your wetsuit was a significant investment and you want to avoid damaging it en route. Follow these steps:

      Turn the wetsuit inside out.
      Place a thick towel down on the floor and put the wetsuit on top of it.
      Cross the arms of the suit together and fold the suit in half so the head is on top of the feet.
      Starting at the top, carefully roll the suit so it looks like a jelly roll.
      Place in suitcase.

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