5 Mistakes Every First-Time Triathlete Should Avoid

Triathlons, once dominated by experienced athletes, are attracting an increasing number of novices who use these events to jumpstart a weight-loss or fitness goal.

Triathlons are challenging, even for veteran racers, because of the training, preparation and logistical know-how needed to swim, bike and run in a single event. Here's a guide to help you avoid some common mistakes and properly prepare for your race.

Fools Rush In

Beginners can make the mistake of latching onto the first training plan they come across. Spend some time consulting experts in the sport to ensure what and how you're training is the safest, most effective approach there is.

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Work with a swim coach to develop proper stroke and technique. Find a bike coach who can educate you on proper bike set-up, gear selection, pedaling, riding in groups and bike maintenance. A running coach can help you develop a running plan, as well improve overall speed and technique.

Rewarding Yourself With Food

Some beginner triathletes have never worked out this hard in their life. When they finish their workout for the day, they reward themselves with food and drinks.

The problem is the food they choose. Reward food often times doesn't involve lean proteins and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.

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Instead, processed carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol become go-to treats. While these food items might taste good going down, they unravel all the work they've done to improve your performance.

Triathletes need to be cognizant of eating as clean and healthy as they can. Remember, you're relying on that food to help you get through challenging bike rides, long swims and interval runs. 

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