5 Advanced Tips For a Faster Swim

Most of the swimming advice out there is focused on beginner swimmers and triathletes.

But what about the more advanced swimmers? You may have moved past the "newbie" or "beginner" stage of your triathlon career and are looking for new ways to improve.

Here are five tips to keep you moving ahead with your swimming and triathlon goals:

Time to Try Sprints

You need to master technique first. Then you need to work on increasing your stamina and ability to swim longer distances. Sprints don't make sense if you don't have proper technique or if you're unable to swim the distance your race will be.

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In order to get faster, you'll eventually need to incorporate sprints into your swim training. Once a week is plenty. Any more than that could be too much, depending on your body and your level.

Start out with very few sprints in a single session. Even just 2 to 3 sprints your first time will be enough. Then gradually add in more as your body adjusts.

Use Equipment

This doesn't mean using floatation devices like buoys and kick boards, which won't help you. Instead, use a pair of fins for about half the time during a speed workout.

You can also experiment with paddles. The Finis Freestyler, which will guide your stroke to pull the proper way, is a worthy product. There are other paddles that may work for you too.

Lastly, you can use a snorkel on some of your longer swims. This builds your lung capacity and helps you focus on your stroke without the breathing to the side.

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