3 Mental Exercises to Improve Your Training

How to make change

Cleaning up bad habits isn't easy. There are some simple ways to identify and make changes to bring your performance to the next level.

1. Get Some Feedback: Many habits are so ingrained in your daily life that it's hard to recognize them. Family, friends, and co-workers are an excellent source of information. Ask them for frank information. When they share their opinion, be supportive and focus on how to improve.

2. Give yourself carrots: Make rewards and consequences a cornerstone of your changing mindset. They don't have to be big. They just have to be meaningful and if at all possible fun. For example, if you meet a short-term goal then you get to pick which movie to go see. If not, your movie night is at the mercy of your spouse or children.

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3. Start Small and Build Momentum: Unless you're dealing with an addiction, identify some small things you can do right now to build positive momentum toward your desired behaviors. The single most effective action you can take is to map out a set morning routine that starts each day on positive footing, such as getting up a little earlier, getting in a workout, and eating some quality calories.

Establishing a new behavior can take between 21 and 30 days, so don't give up before you've developed a new behavior pattern. If you're committed, you'll get there.

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